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Netscape Isp Email


How do I address a message? Depending on the browser, the behavior will be different. How do I delete the message I am reading? You can view your sent messages by clicking the Sent tab. http://faviconize.com/help-with/netscape-mail.html

Keep a message in the New Mail folder by selecting one or more check boxes located to the left of the e-mail date and clicking the Keep as New link in or Microsoft instant messaging software. If the person is offline, the icon does not appear. How to use the Communicator built-in AVI plug-in 1. https://helpisp.netscape.com/

Netscape Isp Email

The full headers are then visible. Thanks to the SpamCop FAQ for this information. If you need to download Instant Messenger, you may do so from this screen. To see the next or previous 25 messages, click the Next or Previous link.

When you click the e-mail address link a small window appears allowing you to do the following: • Send an Instant Message if your friend is online • Send your friend It's fast, simple and very convenient. Help Index Getting Mail • How do I get new messages? • How do I read a message? • How can I tell the difference between new and old messages? • Netscape Mail How to tell if you have the built-in plug-in To tell if you are using the built-in AVI video plug-in, launch Communicator and go to this Web page.

Clicking the Attach link opens the attachment screen. All messages you send from your Mail on the Web account are automatically saved in your Sent folder. To copy this to a email message press Ctrl-A to highlight the entire message then Ctrl-C to copy it. directory why does the icon appear next to the e-mail addresses in the From, To, and CC lines when I'm reading an e-mail message?

Thanks to Andrew for the following helpful tip. Netzero If you already talked to a Netscape rep (or several), let us know if you were able to resolve your issue and how your experience was- it's how we customers push How do I go to the next or previous message when reading my e-mail? Email address: [email protected] (i.e.

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When you read e-mail, your Mail on the Web displays the e-mail subject, the date it was composed, the author, the recipient(s), and the attachment file name. http://www.getnetscape.com/ Legal Notices|Privacy Policy|About Our Ads Main Menu NeedHelp? Netscape Isp Email See more help topics Sending Mail How can I be sure that my e-mail is received? Netscape.net Mail Clicking this arrow will reload the page showing full header information.

The page will reload with the New Mail tab forward. Extra E-Mail Addresses Get two additional e-mail accounts. $2.00/month Learn More PC Anti-Virus Protection Comprehensive Anti-Virus Protection from McAfee VirusScan. $3.00/month Learn More Extra E-Mail Storage Upgrade to 1gb of storage When you complete the e-mail, click the Send link. A new window will open with the full message including the complete header. Netscape Browser

How do I delete messages? Your Netscape Communicator/Netscape Messenger is now configured to send and receive email and use newsgroups. The New Mail and Sent tabs show up to 25 messages at a time with the most recently received message at the top of the list. his comment is here Unix WebTV Yahoo ZZN.com How to Get Full Headers From Netscape Netscape Messenger To read the email header in Netscape Messenger (the email reader supplied with Netscape communicator) Windows users

When reading e-mail within Mail on the Web, you can see if someone in the From:, To: or Cc: line of an e-mail is currently online or offline. Comcast With Netscape you also have the option to add powerful features. Clicking Forward displays a new Write Mail screen with the Subject field filled in with the subject from the e-mail you are forwarding.

If the person is online you can click the Send an Instant Message button and send a message that they'll receive in real-time!

If the person you clicked on has Instant Messenger, you can add him or her to your Instant Messenger Buddy List.Your Buddy List lets you keep track of your friends who If you need to download Instant Messenger, you may do so from this screen. How do I reply to the sender and all the recipients of a message? Aol Mail Please refer to Netscape Help for further information. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Help for the Netscape Built-In AVI Video Plug-in Home About Download Query/Update Help Help with videos

How do I download an attachment? You must use version 3.0 or above. The Instant Messenger is a free software program that lets you: • See when your associates and friends are online • Exchange instant messages with them • Participate in group chat The attachment will either automatically open, or you will be asked if you want to Open It or Save It.

Click the Play option to begin playing the video tutorial. 4. Input these settings: Your Name: The display name you want to appear when someone receives your email. "This is NOT your email address". Signing Off of Mail on the Web • How do I sign off of Mail on the Web? Instant Messaging is faster than e-mail.

Can I see a copy of the messages I send? Email address: [email protected] (i.e. Send a Patriotic Greeting. If, at the bottom of the screen in the message area, you see "Starting Java..." and then the first frame of the video appears after a few seconds, then you are

All you need to do is download Instant Messenger version 3.0 or above. Clicking an icon or the e-mail address link of someone in the From:, To: or Cc: lines of an e-mail message will open a page that offers you several options. How do I start using Instant Messenger? Sending Mail • How can I be sure that my e-mail is received? • How do I send an Instant Message using Mail on the Web?

All rights reserved. This will display the full headers along with the message body, which can be cut and pasted into a new message. When the member receives your e-mail, you will get a confirmation of receipt via e-mail.