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Help With My Earthlink Digital Camera

When I hooked up my Canon A60 to my computer, I> never needed to load any drivers for that.>> DanI've had a lot of experience with cameras and XP. At exactly what point that happens depends not just on the camera, but on your entire setup (scope/eyepiece/camera). DSLR's in common usage at this time are the Canon 10D, 20D, the Canon Digital Rebels (300D and 350D), as well as the Nikon D70. There's more technical terminology and jargon that can be included in this FAQ. navigate here

The model number looks like DSCpro.>>>> I realize this thing is pretty cheap, but it might be fun if I could get> it>> going. The model number looks like DSCpro.>> I realize this thing is pretty cheap, but it might be fun if I could get > it going. What does vignetting mean? The InterAct Mobile Monitor is a popular model among digital_astro users. this page

Nothing seems to work, and I can't find an .inf file anywhere. Terminology: What it the difference between a Point and Shoot Camera and a DSLR? After the correct focus position is found, the focusing device is removed and the camera is put in place.

Though these are popular lines, other lines and brands in this price range make fine choices as well. If you want to make a hobby of digital camera astrophotography, it really does make the most sense to use some kind of camera adapter to mount your digital camera to Optical Zoom While on the subject of vignetting, you will also want to consider the amount of built-in optical zoom a camera has, since taking pictures at full zoom is generally In addition, some cameras have built in noise reduction (dark frame subtraction) to reduce noise, and for those that do not, dark frame subtraction can be done as part of digital

The computer does beep when you turn the camera on and off."JJO" wrote in message news:[email protected]> Have you tried here:>> http://list.driverguide.com/list/company1952/> or:> http://www.windowsxp-drivers.com/drivers/42/42199.htm> or:> http://www.dcmag.co.uk/forum/forummessages/mps/dt/4/UTN/2488/srchdte/0/last/1/V/1/SP/332176698282328381300>> One of those sites may Further more, not every adapter can be used with any digital camera and/or with any scope. Unlike an optical zoom, a digital zoom enlarges an image at the expense of reducing resolution. http://www.earthlink.net/elink/issue159/ Control panel, system, device manager, still shows everything working ok, right? ~Candy~, Jul 29, 2001 #2 Matthew Bartley Thread Starter Joined: Jun 24, 2001 Messages: 51 I notice that the

These images are generated by taking multiple exposures with different filters for the Luminance, the Red, the Green, and the Blue channels and then combining them in post processing. If you watch sporting events or news shows, the cameras that the professionals use will tend to be SLR's. This is generally undesirable in astronomical images. But I've heard of dealers delaying shipment or outright canceling orders for people who declined to purchase additional items.

Please click here to return to myEarthLink, or try refreshing your browser. have a peek at this web-site For Point and Shoot cameras, a good way to focus the camera is as follows: (1) if possible with your camera, manually set your camera focus to infinity (or possibly set Ron Wodaski, author of The New CCD Astronomy provides a nice discussion of Hartmann masks in an online sample chapter of his book, available at http://www.newastro.com/newastro/samples.asp. While I have based this update (as was the original) on much of the material that has been discussed over the years in the Digital Astrophotography group on Yahoo, all errors

Matthew Bartley, Jul 30, 2001 #3 ~Candy~ Retired Administrator Joined: Jan 27, 2001 Messages: 103,706 Is the webcam and scanner both USB as well? ~Candy~, Jul 30, 2001 #4 Matthew How many megapixels should my digital camera have? Do I need a telescope? Do I need to travel to a dark sky site?

Which adapter should I use to connect my camera to my telescope? Keep in mind that all of the DSLR's mentioned till now have image sensors that are smaller than a true 35 mm film camera (by a factor or about 0.625). The entries in these challenges are certainly among the best images group members have produced. Used with Permission.

If one is imaging the dimmer objects, this can be quite valuable since these objects can likely not be seen in the images until they are processed. I got the impression from your previous posts that both cameras had been working, connected at the same time...is this correct? ~Candy~, Jul 31, 2001 #9 Matthew Bartley Thread Starter http://www.xirlink.com/earthlink/ ~Candy~, Jul 31, 2001 #12 Sponsor This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies.

The Canon 20Da costs a bit more than $2000.

Group message archive is highly recommended, as you will surely be able to find previous threads for advice on camera purchasing by choosing appropriate search keywords (e.g. And, as DSLR prices have come down over the last several years, these are the digital cameras that the better digital camera astrophotographers are settling on. Even if you plan on purchasing an AC adapter, you should still invest in a set of rechargeable batteries and a charger, for non-astronomical usage if nothing else. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better....https://books.google.es/books/about/Popular_Science.html?hl=es&id=TZOEBBZkjjQC&utm_source=gb-gplus-sharePopular

What kind of cameras can be used? The software used in this method will also likely calculate parameters helpful in getting good focus. The light then should then strike a properly-aligned surface. Light will therefore always have to pass through all the optical elements in the camera whether you are at full zoom or not.

All three have general camera information, in-depth reviews, and discussion forums. There are drivers there with installinstructions for the DSC pro under XP...from reading the install, youhave to download the pics thru their software. bjNov 15, 2004, 8:47 PM Archived from groups: The type of focusing you do will depend on the type of camera and how you are using it. Once focused with a given eyepiece, the focus of your camera should not be very significantly affected by switching targets or by zooming in or out on a target, though periodic

The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better. Depending on they type of lens used, images taken this way can rival those taken through the smaller telescopes. Lastly, if you have a motorized scope or equatorial platform that gives you tracking capability, with a hand-held camera you lose the advantages that tracking gives you. In other words, your equipment (camera, scope, and eyepieces) may affect which ones you are able to use in the first place, and from that set which ones may be best

Check your typing if you manually entered the URL Search again, right here... However, it is important to note here that more is not always better. The advantage of the methods described in the earlier paragraphs is that they are not dependent on good or corrected vision in order to obtain good results. Hopefully the general guidance provided here, along with the information in the previous discussion of features, should give you a starting point.

For a given price, there will always be tradeoffs. In addition to a stable mount, one must decide whether or not one needs a "GoTo" mount. The Web address on the bottom (which goes nowhere) is > www.xirlink.com. Ask !

Vignetting is not as much of a concern when using a DSLR at prime focus. More important is the feature set your camera provides, as that will lead to more flexibility in what you can achieve. 5. All rights reserved.