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Help With IE 7 Beta 2 - Can't Display Home Page

You do nothing but confuse your consumers when you start moving things around like this. Kkobashi, Sepeck is likely correct that this is not so much of a Drupal problem as it is to specific coding within the theme being used at Drupal.org (this site...not the Reply I Hate It says: February 1, 2006 at 11:03 am Here Here to Yet Another Web Developer above. I'd recommend you set aside half a day to read through the IEBlog. this contact form

This is important because it can quickly become unmanageable to sort through hundreds of feed items. Thank you, Roland Reply Mazso says: February 1, 2006 at 5:36 am Maybe this will help running different versions of IE in Windows XP Pro: http://www.positioniseverything.net/articles/multiIE.html Reply Ross says: February 1, I realise that. Clean.

thanks Reply ieblog says: February 1, 2006 at 1:19 am Seth, You could not run IE6 side by side with IE5.5, IE5, or IE5. You say you're listening to us but you continue to ignore one of the biggest issues. First, I can't seem to get my Favorite tabs to appear in the order I have them sorted. It's not perfect yet, but they're getting there.

On the left, you'll see some new buttons and a single tab, representing the currently-loaded document. If security issues get founds and major bugs found, will we (the public) get updates to fix those (perhaps) major issues? Clicking the address bar dropdown also makes it hang. Yes I have that groupbox… And I set it to be A New Tab in Current Window.

Infact I'm so tired of microsoft I push Opera and Firefox before I say hello 🙂 JPMORGAN did an indepth look into switching to linux, they concluded that the only reason Reply Srikanth says: February 1, 2006 at 9:12 am Any thoughts/ suggestions on how to remove the IE 7 .beta 1 from Windows Vista? Sorry for the incovenience.' Yes, its a genuine copy of MSFP, but I installed it separately from my Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition. http://winsupersite.com/product-review/internet-explorer-70-beta-2-public-preview-review It has tab browsing 2.

Looks like developers may have their wish about getting MS to just cut their loses, fix the browser and deal with the issues now so we can get to a point Embedded styles and linked style sheets still work. (http://www.projectseven.com/csslab/ie7/import.htm) I imagine they'll have this fixed before the final product goes live. It has things very specific to Drupal.org. I often find myself with a billion open browsers by choice.

I am mainly concerned with testing in IE7, I know it is still in beta and I do not want to install it on my laptop which will get rid of Beta 2 now displays the vertical scrollbar on the page all the time as per Firefox and friends, which means most sites will suffer the right side padding issue where the It will be hard for Mozilla to persuade those Windows users who have not yet moved to Firefox to do it now. I've got a steaming headache!

I'm a GOLD Partner and do a fair amount of security so I don't think spyware creaped in while I was loading IE7. weblink now it is pointing to a blank page and i cant configure that. 5. A couple of years ago Ethan Marcotte figured a way of running them side by side, and Ryan from http://www.skyzyx.com put them all together in a nice package that gives you The key thing to remember about IE 7 is that there will be two versions: A standalone upgrade version that will ship for XP users--the focus of this review--and an enhanced

The standard is out there and these bozoos can't follow the standard, HuH! They are: 1) Getting Started 2) News 3) Century of Flight 4) Flying Lessons, and 5) Learning Center Removal of IE7, and subsequent return to IE6, corrects the problem. I am honestly asking here… What in the world are you people doing to your customers? navigate here The problem is that anyone can get an SSL certificate, and what you might be doing is simply encrypting your communications with a malicious Web site.

At first it didn't want to connect to the windows update site. it has reproduction steps, is actually a bug and not just a general comment, and has specific information to identify the issue). And NO, it is not off topic since this is the only forum post on the subject and its fresh.

I have since uninstalled IE 7, and now IE 6 has the same problem.

The feeds in IE7 do not update automatically when they're clicked on. Betas are for developers, not end users. It doesn't work on XP SP1! OMG IT ROCKS THANK YOU ALLL IE TEAM!!!!!! (do not classify as spam please, inlude this comment as a user's experience) Reply ddsfa says: April 29, 2006 at 8:32 pm sometimes,

That min-/max-width min-/max-height problem is not just bad, but terrible. Your really scary man. Again, I'd say this is an IE5/6-specific hack that is causing incorrect behaviour due to fixes in IE7. 3. his comment is here svg is a great standard and there for the using - please make sure it's in ie7.

Conditional comments support and consistency Conditional comments are still supported and in a consistent way. Things I haven't liked so much-come on, IE team…let us put the menu bar at the *top* of the window. Reply Ajay says: April 25, 2006 at 12:06 pm I just installed IE 7 Beta 2.. ironically the last three sites i did (including a fortune 500 site) using a bunch of hacks look fine in IE7.

Another problem: the Zoom level at the bottom of the window is truncated - "100%" doesn't fit in the space. IE 7 is currenty in public beta test. Standalone! I tried it with many locations, when I open a link it will open a new window.

Let's hope it makes beta 3… Reply Ed says: February 1, 2006 at 19:59 Anti-aliased text. It will bring up the "cannot display this page message" - if you then go to File - Open FTP in Explorer you should then be able to Login to your Microsoft IE7 Beta 2 ??????