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Help With Formatting Text In Tables In Frontpage 2002

The example below has Columns selected; therefore, the Location indicates a Left of selection or a Right of selection insertion option. Specify formatting settings for new pages Tools | Page Options | Code Formatting tab. Notice the size of the letters in the text of the four preceding bullet points. Where you see something like "LabHHH218" in a drop-down list, change it to "H:/MyWebs" instead. (Now you will be working on your H drive, which you will be able to access this contact form

Kelly Murdock works professionally as a manager of a web development group. If you're new to Tech Support Guy, we highly recommend that you visit our Guide for New Members. See also: Publishing to Geocities Front Page 2000 Basics How to Write Web Pages (short articles emphasizing the content, rather than the coding) by Dennis G. In the Meta Information dialog box (see example below), in the Name field, type "Author." In the Value field, type your name and E-mail address, then click OK.

To turn support on or off for link bars or shared borders, select or clear the Navigation or Shared Borders check box.~ To set the design and preview page size based I have seen people attempt to click an underlined word, thinking it was a hyperlink that would take them to another location, then become frustrated when they thought the hyperlink wasn't In non-fiction, he is author of How to Do Everything with the Internet and has contributed to several other books related to Windows and the Internet, including Que's Platinum Edition Using If you view the source of your page in your Web browser or view the source in an editor other than FrontPage (such as Notepad), you will see that the Meta

If you don't want to skip that much space between lines, hit Shift + Enter. Change the styles used in a theme 1.On the ‘Format' menu, click ‘Theme'. 2. Depending upon how the FrontPage options are set on your computer, the Table Toolbar may display anytime you are working with tables. You will likely need to make some formatting repairs, particularly if the formatting is complex.

You may want to consider adding the bookmark at the end of the line above where you want the destination to be in order to provide a bit of a margin However for index pages in your root web, folders and subwebs you should configure things a little differently. Click OK and then click ‘Save as'. 8. go to this web-site Also, the borders may look different when viewed from different browsers and versions of the same browser.

Table & Cell Properties You can set table properties such as background and border colors, spacing, and text alignment in the Table Properties. Learn more about Using TidyGUI2. From the pop-up menu, choose Picture Properties. This article Adding rules to the Accessibility Checker explains how you can extend the functionality that is built into the Accessibility Checker. ~ Run an accessibility ReportTools | Accessibility.Specify the pages

If you select content you can either go to Format | Remove Formatting or use the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + Z this should remove most formatting, it won't for Links that will help you clean and maintain your codeGuide to clean coding Current Issues in Web Usability Free and Trial/demo Accessibility FrontPage Addons Free Accessibility Course TagCheck W3C CSS Validator Setting Page Colors You can specify the colors of the following elements: Background--the color of the "paint" behind the text on your page Text--the color of the words Hyperlinks--the color of Clip art files are generally in one of two formats: wmf or bmp.

The steps I'm asking you to do are tricky... Themes use many images that may be stored in a directory/folder (usually named "_themes"). Jay has published several computer articles and has written or contributed to numerous Sams books, including DHTML Unleashed, Visual InterDev Unleashed, Web Page Wizardry, Web Publishing Unleashed, Netscape Unleashed, Presenting ActiveX, Click OK Adding Table Background Colors Place the insertion point in the appropriate table From the Table menu, select Table Properties » Table OR Right click » select Table Properties...

Click the Insert Hyperlink tool, . Place the insertion point in the appropriate cell From the Table menu, select Table Properties » Cell OR Right click the cell » select Cell Properties... help with formatting text in tables in frontpage 2002 Discussion in 'Business Applications' started by bj nick, Jan 5, 2002. navigate here Last modified: April 15, 2016 16:49 .

the serif font faces. Keep your paragraphs short. His knowledge includes C/C++, Visual Basic, multimedia, digital video production, and Internet development.

For the paragraph below, I used the indent tool, twice: "Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth to this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated

Notice that it is a crisp, clean, widely spaced style of letter. Remove Hyperlink Dialog Box Editing a Hyperlink Click anywhere within the word or phrase containing the hyperlink. so tricky, in fact, that Microsoft revised this procedure for FrontPage 2002. government accessibility standards for a wide range of information sources and technologies.

When he isn't writing, Mark can be found working as Chief Information Officer for SMARTER Online (http://www.smarteronline.com) designing online continuing education systems or as VP of Software Architecture for the Inner Always add the trailing slash / to your urls, this reduces the load on the server by eliminating one communication between the browser and the server, if the browser does not After you have selected the file, click OK. For example, you should not title your page "My Home Page" or "Steve's Systems Page." Rather, a descriptive title might be "IUPUI Intro to Systems Analysis"--this title identifies the location (IUPUI),

Roman numerals, upper case alphabetic, lower case alphabetic, etc.), choose from the menu, FORMAT : Bullets and Numbering. Choose the menu options "Insert, Hyperlink" (or, clicking the blue ball with the chain links on it). Click ‘Format', and then specify the formatting characteristics for the new style. Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box To create a hyperlink to an E-mail address (so that the reader can click and send an E-mail message), click the E-mail Address icon in the lower

Styles from a linked external style sheet are displayed in the list of available styles in the ‘Style' box. How?Open the page or site you want to check and then do one of the following: To specify all pages in a Web site, under 'Check where', click 'All pages'.To specify The class name of the user-defined style is appended to the end of the HTML tag in the Style box, listing the new style as Heading2.redbg. To select a table/column/row/cell, click in the row or column that you wish to select, then from the menu choose TABLE : Select : Table/Column/Row/Cell (whichever one you wish to select).

Click the Add button. In the Insert menu are options for Component, Form, and Advanced.