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Help With Dyfuca And Gaobot

It recognizes your handwriting with unparalled performance and executes commands in a snap. Is it required? Required to be running on each PC for access to the modems Serv-U serv-u32.exe N FTP server server server.exe X Added by the DELTAD.A WORM! S3 Video driver related. this contact form

SlickRun allows you to create command aliases (known as MagicWords), so C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe becomes MAIL" slimp3 SliMP3 Server.exe N Slimp3 Server - "presents an entirely new way of accessing and Must be disabled in MSCONFIG before un-installing or it re-instates itself SIPPS SIPPS\SIPPS.exe U Web.de Internet phone utility SiS Tray sistray.exe U System Tray icon for SiS based graphics. Smitfraud.E is next in the ranking. Configuration apphost.exe X Added by W32/Sdbot-VP, a network WORM!

Microsoft IIS syshost.exe X Added by the FRANCETTE WORM! To do so, PandaLabs has an innovative automated system that analyzes and classifies thousands of new samples a day and returns automatic verdicts (malware or goodware). Announcements Annclist.exe N MS WebTV for Windows.

SERVER.EXE SERVER.EXE X Added by the BUSHTRO122 or SMOKODOOR TROJANS! SAgent2ExePath SAgent2.exe N Seiko Epson printer status agent. This infection redirects certain pages to ones that it desires. Microsoft Synchronization Manager svhost.exe X Added by the SDBOT-PY WORM!

System Tray access and key-combo shortcuts to common display functions on ATI video cards. AltoMB_service AltoMBsrv.exe U Alto Memory Booster from Alto Software - boost the computers performance via more intelligent and efficient memory management ALUAlert ALUNotify.exe U Notification reminder for Symantec's LiveUpdate. Forums Articles Register Members Search Member Login:

Spyware Forums > Newsgroups > Security Software > PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!! http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/startups/cat/A/ ActiveEyes ActiveEyes.exe N ActiveEyes from TFI Technology ActiveMenu ActiveMenu.exe U WildTangent games that come with some HP computers.

They're plagued with everything from spam to phishing.But just because your computer is hooked up to the Internet doesn't mean your PC has to be at risk. ScrapPad Scrappad.exe N ScrapPad allows you to quickly and easily record notes, thoughts, messages, and just about anything you want. Media service SYSTEM64.EXE X Added by the RBOT.QV WORM! See here for more information SBAutoUpdate sbautoupdate.exe U SpywareBlaster auto-updater SBDrvDet SBDrv.exe U Detects the "Easy Front-Panel Audio Connectivity Drive Internal Drive Bay" on the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinium eX.

This is followed by Gaobot, a worm with ‘bot' functions. Microsoft Visual SourceSafe services.exe X Added by the NEVEG.B or NEVEG.C WORMS!. You decide Config service.exe X Added by the ISRAZ.B WORM! Microsoft Update automgr32.exe X Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM!

Similar to EnsoniqMixer csaRem spqmdmui.exe N Compaq modem country selection CSScheduleCheck SCHWIZEX.EXE Y Part of ConfigSafe - lets you identify changes to the registry, INI files, System asset files, system hardware, Active Members 313 3,319 posts #9 ·  Posted August 3, 2007 (edited) I still get the error. Used to display TV on your PC via a compatible video card with in-built tuner (such as ATI All-In-Wonder). Could it be an installation that failed and "SETUP.EXE" was left to run at startup as an error?

ACTNSTA.EXE ACTNSTA.EXE ? Microsoft Update Machine scvhost.exe X Added by the RBOT-GS WORM! Diskstart Snt.exe X Adult content dialler spy-control Spy-Control.exe X "Spyware remover" of dubious repute - see this list of non-recommended anti parasite software Driver32 Scam32.exe X Added by the SIRCAM WORM! Let me know if that helps and we need to see all startups anyway so we will know what all needs to be removed.

Arlene Guest Posts: n/a 18-11-2003, 10:42 AM This morning I was on a website and I contracted a virus but it's Trojan I've run a virus test twice and SHPC32 SHPC32.exe U Port monitor for Lexmark printers on a USB connection. I have attempted to remove it with Hijack This, msconfig, Ad Aware, Ad Buster, and Trend Micro (trend micro identifies the infected files, but refuses to show me the log and

Will be detected by most firewalls and the majority of home users should disable it  Sepate Security Firewall sepate.exe X Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM!

Tilo Levante Virus: W32/Dyfuca.K Added: Trojan.Dyfuca-3 Submission: 2789-web Sender: Tomasz Klim Virus: Unknown Virus Added: ialer.StarDialer-4 Submission: 2817-web Sender: Raymond Dijkxhoorn Virus: Gao variant Added: Worm.Gaobot.13 Submission: 2822-web Sender: Charles Lacroix Printer Spyassault.exe X Spyware remover" of dubious repute, see this list of Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites Printer spool Service spool.exe X Added by a variant of the SDBOT WORM! ashAvast ashAvast.exe Y Part of Avast antivirus AWMON Ad-Monitor.exe U F-Secure_Anti-Spyware Yahoo2000 Anti.exe X Added by an unidentified WORM or TROJAN! Service.exe Service.exe X "servedby.advertising" popup generator ServiceLayer ServiceLayer.exe Y Nokia Connectivity Library support task that is needed by NCLTRAY and by the Nokia Connection Manager for either to work properly services

Keeps the home buyer/seller continually informed on the status of his/her local/regional real estate market ASWnk aswnk.exe X Adult content dialler AT-Watch ATWatch.exe U Anti-Trojan Watch - trojan detector Athan Athan.exe SetHook SetHook.exe N Fellowes Neato CD label design software. "Launch NEATO's MediaFACE II label making software directly from the productname toolbar" [email protected] [email protected] N [email protected] is a scientific experiment that uses Service services.exe X Added by the NETSKY or NETSKY.B WORMS! When it found it I got this error...

Can be run from Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Display ATI VIDEO REGKEY ati2vid.exe X Added by the SDBOT.UR WORM! SoundBlaster Audigy related? It is needed by some graphics professionals who want their monitor calibrated. This is a Compaq originated file and has been verified as free from viruses by McAfree/Norton CRC Value Verifier svchost32.exe X Added by the RBOT-OA WORM!

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Powered by vBulletin. Available here SelfHostUtil slefhost.exe ? ?? To receive Virus Alertsjust visit Panda Software's website (http://www.pandasoftware.com/about/subscriptions/) and complete the corresponding form. asus live update ALU.exe N ASUS Live Update utility - reportedly not required avinit AVINIT9X.EXE Y Command antivirus related micro process appconf.exe X Added by an unidentified WORM or TROJAN!

MSkernel32 System.exe 4820 X Added by the TUXDER TROJAN! QTSvc shman.exe X Premium rate adult content dialler QTSvc ssvr.exe X Premium rate adult content dialler QWS3270 Sessions sessions.exe U QWS3270 Secure terminal emulation software RA Server Slave.exe X Added by Note - this is not the legitimate services.exe process which should NOT appear in Msconfig/Startup! If you want to schedule recordings from your TV tuner card, you will need it.

Key2 serve.exe ? ?? Important should the registry become corrupt. Microsoft Announcement Listener Annclist.exe N MS WebTV for Windows. Note - do not confuse this with the popular RegCleaner registry cleaner freeware RegDone services.exe X Added by the NEVEG.B or NEVEG.C WORMS!

Can be run from Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Display ATIModeChange Ati2mdxx.exe U System Tray icon to access ATI graphics card settings and the Hydravision Desktop Manager ATIPOLAB ati2evxx.exe This system is the basis of collective intelligence, Panda Security’s new security model which can even detect malware that has evaded other security solutions.Currently, 99,4% of malware detected by PandaLabs is All Aboard Status stswin.exe U All Aboard! USB driver for downloading from within Napster to portable MP3 players.

This is most important for those users who still access AOL via dial-up. Go to the following page and try downloading the latest version of HijackThis 1.99.1 from the link in the tutorial:How to post a HijackThis Log Wehther successful or not, please do Could be a registration reminder for the trial version Shockwave Init SWINIT.EXE N Part of Macromedia Shockwave.