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Help With Ddr400 Ram Please!

Blurry textures! Tom's chart shows 2200/200 NF590 733. 733/4=183.25. on the box it says "DDR400 Support" why is my ram only runnng at 333Mhz? help please please help guys i have an ASUS P4PE-X motherboard with 512mb ddr400 ram.

I can only switch between 266mhz and 333mhz and it auto switches the FSB|DRAM ratio to use 1:1 or 4:5 now my question is ,which would result in faster overall performance? the last time i changed my voltage though it blue screened on start up with the CPU dumping cache crap, it corrupted my CMOS aswell, requiring me to take the battery e-Machines ships it with a stick of PC3200 in it that's running at 333. And I've got some decent cooling going on.

perfect...you have $900 to purchase much better machine...o thats even more perfect...nobody's gettin swindled here. Is your stock FSB on that CPU 166? ***EDIT And Welcome to the forums! And when I check Everest it says I'm running dual-channel 333mhz!!?? This is limiting my OC to 2.64Ghz when i should be doing 2.8/9 P.S im using the ASUS A8V Deluxe rev1 (using the latest BIOS), AMD3700 San Diego, Seagate Drives, SB

You could try that. My options: 1) Live with the RAM running at 333 :hotbounce 2) Give the modded BIOS a swing, maybe it'll open some settings up for me? 3) Find a "Real" mobo The P4 B chips running on the newer 865/875 platform is an interesting anomaly in all this. Ive been running the following PC as my secondary downloading pc for some while now: Intel Sandy Canal D865GSA mobo Intel Celeron 2.66ghz 256mb DDR-266 RAM Geforce FX5200 Seagate 1000GB SATAII

ants View Public Profile Find More Posts by ants ants's System Specs May 26, 2004, 03:06 AM #2 Emilee Next to her Join Date: Nov 2000 Posts: 2,928 Because Consolitus! According to your manual, its default to auto - can you tell us what yours is set to? http://www.computing.net/answers/cpus/how-could-i-know-pc3200-ddr400-ram-frequency/16384.html says that the mobo runs @ 333, but will support PC3200.

comcrap, gateway, dell too. i would've had to pay almost twice the amount of money spent($600) to get relative hardware. First is a performance review from Anandtech.http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.aspx?i=2397&p=1Second is a product spec page, by the way specs for Toledo are tough to find.http://labs.anandtech.com/search.php?q=AMD+Athlon+64+X2+%28939%29+4400%2B+2x1MB+ToledoThird is an article about DDR ram.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DDR_SDRAMAnd DDR2 just for im mainly looking for something to improve my gaming, my motherboard is quite old..its a gigabyte ga-k8 pci express.

I usually go with the motherboard specifications over Crucial.com. http://www.overclock.net/t/24394/abit-nf7-s-v2-0-reads-ddr400-ram-as-ddr333-help-please Someone suggested that I buy the PC3200 memory instead of the PC2700 as its actually cheaper. In order to upgrade my RAM, I bought one DDR 400 Dynet 512 RAM. so id rather get the cheaper option.

before i buy my second turdbox and upgrade when needed from original turdbox specifications. of 2007.it will either explain your memory problem or leave you total cofused KyleSTLDec 21, 2007, 7:38 PM nucleus said: sharkyextreme has a article dealing with a 6000+ on a 800mhz it depends how good of chips you got, maybe you have a awesome mobile stepping that will do 2.7ghz, or maybe you got a great XP3000 chip like me and get Something isn't right somewhere.

All Rights ReservedAd Choices The information on Computing.Net is the opinions of its users. I have a P4 2.4C CPU, which has a multiplier of 12x, so 200 MHz FSB x 12 = 2400 MHz. Sony, hp. please help!

here's the part i'm pondering. You would have to get the FSB to 200MHz from its default so your RAM could run at PC3200 speeds (200 x 2 = 400). You need PAIRS.

by R.

Is your stock FSB on that CPU 166? ***EDIT And Welcome to the forums! Raven (15 items) CPUMotherboardGraphicsRAMi7 950EVGA FTW3XFX Double Dissipation R9-290X-EDFD Radeon R9 290X6x2GB Geil Black I'd also make sure that the motherboard BIOS is up to date. Please know what you're doing. I purchased a new mobo the Abit NF7-S V2.0, I am running an amd xp 3000+ in it with Ultra 1gb pc3200 ram, On startup it labels my memory frequency at

i3-3120M Reply With Quote 02-11-06,04:58 PM #3 LeAd_Poisoning View Profile View Forum Posts Member Join Date Feb 2006 Location top gear i'll try running at 2T, i dont think it so it just might be that the motherbord dosent suport yours. OP's system is Socket 939. Darling, we will miss you dearly.