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Help Needed ASAP. A Two For One Deal: A Backdoor Program And W95.mtx Virus.

If run, the attachment claims to be corrupt while it copies itself into INETD.EXE in the Windows directory. A Trojan that, when active, establishes a connection with a specific IRC (chat) channel and accepts commands from that channel. Available via Start -> Programs YAiptek Graphics Tablet (USB) atwtusb.exeUSB interface for Aiptek Graphics Tablet (USB) UAKillerakiller.exeBuyPin Advertising Killer - popup killer UAlarm ManagerAlarm.app.exePalm alarm event reminder that coordinates what is When the system boots, it runs a couple of bus tests & tries to apply the most stable settings Xatisrc2windfind.exeAdult material dialler - see here. http://faviconize.com/help-needed/help-needed-asap-computer-has-been-taken-over.html

On a related note, don't post a bunch of genealogical information on your Web site or in some genealogical forum. While there are still lots of viruses, the latest is the refinement of social engineering techniques that are designed to make you click on an E-mail attachment. The file is located in %AppData%\CapturalateNogpmceXMaster Game Strategy.exeDetected by Intel Security/McAfee as RDN/Generic.dx and by Malwarebytes as Trojan.Agent.GenNomasterUmaster.exeDetected by Malwarebytes as PUP.Optional.Master. HAYUP KA! my site

It really doesn't do a darn thing for you. Microsoft Word is the biggest (but not the only) target of virus writers because of its widespread use, and because its macros are created in WordBASIC, a program language that allows The Trojan horse is designed to corrupt your computer files. A LovLet (Love Bug) variant.

Unless you use this on a frequent basis it isn't required and is available via Start -> Programs. If you remove this software in "add/remove programs" some help menus in help and support will not be available. Leave enabled unless it consumes too many CPU resources UAtiPTAorAtiPTAAAoratiptaxx Ati2ptxx.exeAtiptaxx.exeControl panel for the ATI series of video cards allowing access to such features as display resolution, colour depth, etc. A worm that spreads via E-mail, chat, and via networks.

A DOS executable file virus dropped by Troj/Futs [see above]. Corrupted Marker variants which try to FTP info to the Codebreakers hacking group site. Start Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together. http://www.windows-errorsfix-4you.com/post/Methods-to-Remove-W95.MTXdll-Effectively-Useful-Removal-Guide_18_244758.html The worm attempts to infect files with the following extensions: .HTML, .HTA, .OCX, .DLL, .BAT, .EXE, .VBS, or .VBE.

Free viewers are available at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/default.asp Only Microsoft Word can open (run) macros embedded in an MS-Word DOC file, so using the Viewer made users safe from any or all Word Microsoft is apparently feeling the sting of their software being used so often to send viruses and worms via E-mail. If you run ClearCase you should not disable this as it provides a valuable service, but technically it isn't required to use the ClearCase product YCcEvtMgrccEvtMgr.exePart of Norton AntiVirus 2003. It modifies your system files and entries and creates new malicious files with random names, in order to mess up your system miserably.

The certificates have been revoked, but a browser might not find the master list. http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2011/09/07/Help-for-Job-Losers-Takes-Big-Hit-in-Trade-Deal Available via Start -> Programs NAdaware Bootupad-aware.exeAd-aware from Lavasoft. Your AUTOEXEC.BAT file is also sent via E-mail to a site in the UK. While the same basic transmission technique continues in the latest transmissions, the message has been refined a bit.

A Novell NetWare Trojan. http://faviconize.com/help-needed/help-needed-with-possible-virus.html It monitors your PC to see if you have connected any supported drives to lauch the backup utilityNoSystemDriveXmaxpaynow1.exeAdded by the TIBS.BKU TROJAN!NoDriveSystemXmaxpaynowti1.exeDetected by Trend Micro as TROJ_TIBS.AZT and by Malwarebytes as A lone individual may operate out of a desire for acceptance from such a group. See here for more WinModem information N3ComDMIAgent3CDMINIC.EXE3Com DMI (DynamicAccess Desktop Management Interface) Agent associated with 3Com network cards Y3cpipe-USRpdAUSRmlnkA.exeModem driver files from US Robotics U3Deep Control Panel3DeepCTL.EXEFrom LightSurf Technologies (nee E-Color)

If you like to follow computer security in a more real-time manner, here is another link you can use: [Link 404] MS Security. YAvast32Astart32.exeAvast32 anti-virus - scanner YAvast!ashserv.exeAvast! Keep your canceled checks in a safe place. http://faviconize.com/help-needed/help-needed-asap-dvd-r-burning-from-camcorder.html THUS : WORD 97 MACRO VIRUS A new virus has raised concern recently, since it has been spreading in various countries (including the United States) during September.

If you only want to check program files, that's fine, but you'd be better off checking all files. Way back when I was in the military we had a program called TEMPEST which produced hardened electronic equipment. A complex macro virus that removes Macros from the Tools menu and disables the Visual Basic Editor.

Included up to version 1.62.* - from version 1.65.* it loads via the MBAMService (mbamservice.exe) serviceYesMalwarebytes Tray ApplicationYmbamtray.exeSystem Tray access to and notifications for Malwarebytes security software which incorporates Anti-malware, Anti-ransomware,

The message indicates the file contains Miss World pictures. First, never leave a floppy in drive A: when you turn off a PC, and always check the drive to make sure no disk is in the drive when your PC All DOS-Windows floppy disks (bootable or not) have such a sector, also containing a bootstrap program (instructions to load the operating system) if the floppy disk is made bootable. This task can comsume lots of CPU resournces on some computers, but it can help with graphics card problems.

They are listed below. We were receiving infected e-mails so fast that our antivirus software could not delete the incoming virus-containing e-mail fast enough, and a couple of infected e-mails came through the mail server." WM97/Wrench-H. Check This Out If you remove Windstream Broadband Check-up Center via add/remove programs some menus in Help and Support will not be available.

The patch keeps macros from running malicious code without warning. Included for automatically downloading and installing updates. Should only run once YCCDoctorLogonTestingccdoctor.exeChecks your system to make sure it's configured properly for running Rational ClearCase, a source code management tool. The payloads in the virus include: message display, try to format the hard drive, make the computer beep constantly.

The file is located in %AppData%\information - see hereNoMAINUmain.exeSpyCop surveillance software detection - checks to see when your machine was last scanned and if it was more than a week asks An E-mail worm that sends itself to your Outlook address book. If you take that step, the deleted copy of the virus is gone, and you've solved the problem.