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Help Me Please! Im So Confused!

Then this little girl who looks as cute as , nips my eldest daughter very hard on the chest.Grrr!! \" I ask, excuseme, but what do you think you are doing?\"She Owen · 4 months ago 0 Thumbs up 0 Thumbs down Comment Add a comment Submit · just now Report Abuse Add your answer Please help me...please im so confused? You can go see a therapist again, or maybe you just need to talk to someone sometimes, do you have anyone in your life that you can just talk to about I've gone through what has basically been hell for me.

Now I'm back in charge and the new mandate is just listening and recognizing my own knowing voice, and seeing where it leads me. Thank you for the post! Course Forum Section 1 Help me please. Nope, not in the least.

MeliMel Thanks for this! Mackenzie Very insightful description of how to tell clarity and confusion apart. Praying this is it! Sarah This is timely, thank you 🙂 Kristy Thank you, I really needed this although it is easier said than done.

I thought it just me, and I immature and incapable....but no..I just cry more than oftenHope Ive helped Crazygirl. This inactive post may not receive community feedback. Exhausted and hate the world...oh gosh....the world...ill not go there/Well Crazygirl, I dont know if I have helped you , but you describe the bipolar condition very well, and if you disqus_JjVQ0DZAtX Your description of the two voices is spot on, I will have to remember that next time tequilla me tries to tell real me to live in fear.

Jana Thank you, Dr. Thank you for your wisdom. How are you feeling today? tara2175 Very useful great way of explaining difference between a wise voice in comparison to a niggling doubt Diane Hughes Enjoyed the post and would like to be in the drawing

This only further cut deeper into the depression, alienation and antisocial behaviors that I seemed to have. You can only upload files of type PNG, JPG, or JPEG. Amy Johnson I hope it helps him, Denise. Thank you!

I hope you will now reach out to get the help you need. This of course was in my late teens and was unsure at the time about how to handle depression and that is all I knew. For an example, today was my birthday and I turned 23. Make a doctors appointment. -- Ranay & George = 12/2/13 #GoHawksT (3/08) & E (1/10 - cCMV)MMC 8.5W, 3 MCs (2 IUI, 1 Failed 2 Embryo IVF)Since 2011 Reply Report

I love the idea of just waiting. May the blessings be. Im so confused. They were always at odds with each other and no one could make a clear decision about which path to take.

I'm going to focus on this until it becomes a part of me. glitch That was very insightful, and yet sadly I know I will still torture myself over every little thing. A therapist will know how to elicit information from you that will help you both understand you. Your advice is fuel to the fire of my determination.

Also at my current job one of my employees is getting ready to go out on maternity leave and I feel bad that I would be leaving them with that as Please help, im confused? Next time I will use this to look for the knowing voice.

Even the threat of calling the police did not stop them.

That was a huge step because, although it’s ultimately my choice, he rarely lets me bow out of things I truly want because of something as minor as insecure, wavering thinking. All the what ifs, shoulds and coulds kept popping up. when I was 14 I nearly lost my mum in a really nasty car crash, of which I saw the end result on the road to school, weeks later my very Kyomi Dana I love the idea of clarity.

Which sometimes become so extreme that I cry myself to sleep some nights. I feel close to people , but then OUCH!!!!! In the end, the decision to take up a new entry level role was difficult to make, but the tiny voice which you refer to managed to sneak though the overwhelming A good dose of rationality is always helpful when I am anxious!

im sorry im just lost and confused and i am scared and i didn't know what to do. Erica Berrington Oh my - yes please. Hopeless, i want be helping you right now, I just ope you can understand, so that in times of your need I shall be here for you. I test drove bunches and picked one and then went through my usual anxiety about committing to such a purchase.

Forgot to mention the playfullnessthing and the creative thing....but well there is a lot going on there eh? If it's a tablet I doubt it could dilute your urine. You have a very insightful, perceptive nature, Take care and have a hug. I haven’t been away from my kids, and yet I’ve suffered over being away from them." I'm very prone to suffering over things that haven't even happened, actions that I haven't

Thank you! I just feel empty and can find no happiness or joy in life.Although depression is the main issue I believe other factors might as well contribute. Please sign up here to receive free weekly insights and wisdom from Amy.Web | More Posts See a typo, an inaccuracy, or something offensive? Blahsheep1 blahsheep · 5 months ago 0 Thumbs up 1 Thumbs down 1 comment Loading ...

I hold the center and listen, take what is relevant, and thank all my "selves" for sharing. I just do not want to feel that gutted feeling, and the desperation, and the paranoia....but ow well. It is like I'm trying to fill a bottomless hole, I'm just not able to be everything she is asking. I have found all your writings helpful.

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