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Help I think I broke my computer

HELP! (I got new comp and i came with vista)

Help! I am really scared! *urgent*

help! i found a xxxtoolbar cookie.

HELP! i can't get rid of GlobalDialer!

Help! I cannot remove Smitfraud-C.gp!

Help! I cannot log-in to my Presario 1200 laptop

HELP! I AM BEGGING YOU! major xp problem

Help! I can't open any programs! Permission denied.

HELP! I am about to smash my computer up!

Help! I hate Ad Aware!

HELP! I can't play games with my new Radeon 9600 Video Card!

Help! I have a really strange problem!

HELP! I Have THREE Viruses.HJT log included


Help! I can't drag and drop

Help! I got done over by oneclicksearches and antivirusgold!

HELP! I have TrojanSPM/LX

HELP! I need your expertise. IadHide4.dll

Help! I have really messed up my computer!

HELP! I just installed windows and Winantivirus pro 2006 Pop-ups are everywhere

Help! I broke my Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Help! I cant get rid of the trojan mm21.ocx

HELP! I have a jRat!

HELP! I can't get rid of this aconti thing!

Help! I compressed my hard drive and have no Vista DVD at the moment!

Help! I have a system 32\csrss.exe problem.

HELP! I killed my computer with the help of win32/virut.a

Help! I can not remove adzgalore

HELP! I F'd up my XP

Help! I think I am infected!

HELP! I have NO idea what's wrong!

help! i have a trojan.dns

Help! I think im infected

Help! I think i got a trojan

Help! I need to remove the svchost.exe trojan agent

HELP! I think I've been HiJacked.Please help with my Log

Help! I have red screen that looks like a devil.

Help! I mucked up my XP

HELP! I screwed up my company laptop!

undo system restore

Help! i screwed up a computer bad. Real Bad.

mellowhype insa download

netscape.net email sign in

HELP! I think I'm infected.

Help! i unzipped a limewire file and now comp not working

HELP! i Have the virus BKDR RULEDOR. E!

HELP! I want the same stuff from my old OS to Vista beta 2

Help! I live in a non-net zone!

Help! I can't seem to get rid of the virus in my comp!

help! I got the winupd.dll error message.

Help! I think I broke my mom's computer

Help! I cannot remove sdra64.exe

help! I have hacktool.rootkit

Help! I wrecked my mother-in-law's computer! Domains vs workgroups.

Help! I have malware called System Security 2009

Help! I stuffed my brothers laptop

HELP! i think i have a new variant to the VUNDO virus

help! i downloaded systemdoctor 2006

help! i got "D:\autorun.vbs"

HELP! I have lost my damn mind!

Help! I have the Instant Access Dialer

Help! I think I fried it.

Help!? I Have Win32:VBStat-C!

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